Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Summer Projects

We love our house.'s kind of a love hate relationship. Our house was built in 1924 and you know old homes have character.
One of the things we never liked about our house was the color scheme in the guest bedroom. When we moved in it was painted a garish yellow. 3 years later was still painted a garish yellow. Not only that but apparently when it was painted yellow the people doing it had never heard of masking tape. Actually I think they were confused because the yellow they used was strangely similar to old making tape. And so this equals worst painting job ever.
So we finally bucked up and came up with a master plan for redo-ing part of the house. The first step was to re-paint the spare room and move the majority of the books into that room effectively making it the library.
Here's what we had to start with.
The best part was that windows were painted shut on top of everything else. Upon further inspection I discovered that the sills had some water damage. Which meant I needed to open up the windows to fix the issue.

Here you can see all the lovely colors that the room was before. Apparently no one bothered stripping the window sills before repainting.

Opening the windows. (Thanks to my neighbor Sunshine who helped us with this. She has a lot more experience when it comes to opening 80 year old windows.)

Priming and getting rid of the "Masking tape" yellow.

We decided to repaint with a Faux Brushed Suede color from Loews. We chose on "Prairie Moss"

Trent is checking out the first coat.

This project has been a lot of work and it's just the beginning. After this we are doing a lot of moving around and then will hopefully get around to re-painting the office and launch the official start of the Adventurer's Room!
Next post.... I'll show you the final results with the new color scheme.


At 10/08/2007 8:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jack,

Trent looks really good. He must be a 100 years old by now?

How is he doing?

I like the library. It looks great.;

Cheryl Boshear

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